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Travel to Beautiful Bermuda

Bermuda is the world’s oldest British colony, and its pastel-colored mansions, pink beaches, and turquoise waters make it one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations. It is a diverse island with West Indian, Portuguese, African, North American, and British influences adding to the unique cultural blend. Some friends of mine that own Albatross Roofing in Edmonton, Alberta absolutely loved their time in Bermuda and highly recommended it as a vacation destination. Despite its tiny size, Bermuda’s art galleries and museums add touches of sophistication and its varied topography makes it perfect for all sorts of hiking, golfing, and water sports. Here are the top must-see attractions in Bermuda.

National Museum of Bermuda
Taking up the whole of the 19th-century fortifications of the Dockyards, this museum is divided into 2 parts. The Queen’s Exhibition Hall is a gallery showcasing the treasures found on some shipwrecks. Slave chains, armaments, pottery and goods from South America and the Orient have been salvaged from the ships. The Commissioner’s House on the upper grounds is the first cast-iron building in the world and it features displays on different aspects of this island’s history, from Bermudian participation in World War 2 to slavery.

Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute
The exhibits at this entertaining and educational institute set up visitors into the deep’s mysteries. The fun but tacky diving simulator takes you to about 12,000 feet depths and there is an amazing display of diving apparatus from many years ago. In the Tucker gallery, there are also treasures from the many shipwrecks in Bermuda dedicated to the island’s most prolific diver. Also, you can learn about the shark-protection program or participate in a virtual yacht race.

Fort St Catherine
Fort St Catherine is Bermuda’s most impressive fort and was built originally on a rocky promontory. A drawbridge leads visitors into the air-conditioned museum, featuring replica Crown Jewels and dioramas of the fort. Head to the subterranean tunnels to see the armaments room, shell lift, and gunpowder storage room. There are also costumed mannequins illustrating the living conditions inside this fort.

Elbow Beach
Imagine an expanse of swaying palm trees, cerulean waters, and pristine white sand. Elbow Beach has it all, and it is one of the loveliest in Bermuda. Although this beach is mostly flanked by exclusive resorts, the majority of it is in public territory. Often, kite surfers take over when the waves get choppy.

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve
In 1995, when the US Navy pulled out, Bermudians were given access to this nature reserve made up of rocky shores, salt marsh, unspoiled beaches, and woodland. There are nature trails running through the mixed woodland of olive woods and cedars, along with introduced growths of allspice and Brazilian pepper. The beaches here are quite tranquil and great for snorkeling, and the marsh is a key habitat for giant land crabs, kingfishers, and herons.

Barbados Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

Beautiful Barbados is the jewel in the Caribbeans and it is blessed with 3,000 hours of sunshine each year. Its diverse landscapes, fascinating heritage, and warm welcoming locals make Barbados a popular port of call. It is affectionately referred to as little England. Barbados flew the British flag for 340 years until gaining independence in 1966, so expect to see a unique blend of British and Bajan influences.

From English place names and a passion for cricket to cups of tea and even driving on the left. British links are also evident in many of Barbados landmarks and buildings such as St. John’s Church which is reminiscent of a British parish church with its stained glass windows and traditional bell tower. Here are some other top attractions in Barbados along with some beautiful pictures to highlight these places.

Sunbury Plantation
The Sunbury plantation house also has a very British feel to it dating back to 1660. The house was once a thriving sugar plantation, today it has been carefully restored overflowing with antiques and memorabilia from a bygone era such as old machinery and paintings.

Gun Hill Signal Station
Another intriguing relic dating back to colonial times is Gun Hill Signal Station built in 1818 as one of a series of signal stations. Gun Hill provided a lookout for the British military and being the highest point in central Barbados the views are outstanding at Gun Hill. You’ll also see a famous lion sculpture carved in 1868 by Captain Henry Wilkinson to while away his off-duty hours.

Take a Jeep Adventure
With Barbados being such a scenic Island of varying landscapes a great way of exploring it is on a jeep adventure. It’ll take you off the beaten track, discovering some remote parts of the island only accessible in a 4×4. See the Atlantic surf pounding the eastern coastline at Bathsheba and also pass through historic Holetown where the first settlers landed on the island in 1625.

Snorkel with the Sea Turtles
If you like the idea of doing something a little different and want to make the most of the enticing Caribbean Sea, how about snorkeling with Barbados enchanting sea turtles? It’s one of the few places in the world where you can swim in a wild with these endangered creatures. We recommend taking an underwater camera on this tour as it’s a magical experience you’ll want to relive again and again.

Harrison’s Cave
Back on dry land and to one of Barbados most popular attractions, Harrison’s cave. It was formed from crystallized limestone over thousands of years ago. The cave was only open to the public in 1981. An electric tram takes you on a journey through this network of caverns allowing you to get up close to the stalactite and stalagmite pillars. You’ll also see glass like emerald pools and at the lowest part of the cave a plunging waterfall. Another popular attraction in Barbados is orchid world located in the heart of the Barbadian countryside. Nature lovers or keen photographers will enjoy meandering past the twenty thousand beautiful orchids as well as waterfalls, coral grottoes, and tranquil ponds.

4-Square Rum Distillery
Barbados and rum go hand in hand so where better to begin than the 4-square rum distillery. Set in the grounds of Heritage Park, the distillery was once a sugar plantation dating back to the 15th century. Today it’s the most modern rum distillery in the Western Hemisphere. You’ll be given a guided tour of the distillery to find out how rum is made and of course there’ll be a tasting session.

The Medford Mahogany Creations
See Barbadian craft work at its best at Medford mahogany creations. You’ll get to meet one of Barbados top sculptors Reggie Medford who carves raw wood into beautiful works of art. You’ll have the chance to browse his studio and perhaps pick up a unique souvenir of your Bajan experience.

Catamaran Cruise
As the Sun begins to slowly set in Barbados, what better way to mark this spectacle than with a catamaran cruise along the glistening western coastline? Sip chilled champagne and bask in the warm evening breeze as the sun descends in a tropical blaze of color. And with a friendly crew on hand to pamper you, this is an extra-special way to end your day in beautiful Barbados.

What to Pack for Vacation: Summer Beach Trip Essentials?

Summer is fast approaching and there is no better time to talk about some beach trip essentials and things to pack for your summer vacation. It is super important to protect yourself when you are outdoors or traveling to beautiful destinations. Here are all the essentials you need to take on your next summer beach trip.

Beach Trip Essentials

  • A beach towel
  • A hat Sunglasses
  • A water bottle
  • Phone in a waterproof case
  • A Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker
  • GoPro and selfie stick
  • Insect repellant and sunscreen

Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

The first step to sun safety is our sunscreen. You’ll want to look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that screens out both UVA and UVB rays. UV rays can cause damage to your skin cells beyond just sunburn. They can actually contribute to skin aging and skin cancers over time. You should apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before you go outside and at least every 2 hours after that. Apply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating. The spray is great for hard-to-reach areas and even a boost of hydration when you are on the go. After that, you will want to apply your insect repellent.

Water & Cool Liquids

Our next essential is water. Dehydration is one way to ruin a trip, so you want to make sure you are getting enough fluids. Don’t just drink when you are thirsty; make sure you always have access to cool liquids.

Wide-Brimmed Hat & Sunglasses

Hats and sunglasses not only complement your look but they can provide some valuable additional protection from the sun. When choosing sunglasses, look for a pair that protect against UVA and UVB rays. Polarizing lenses will cut glare because of reflections, so they are good for driving or outdoor activities in the water. You might also want to get a great case if you are like me and you throw your stuff all over the place.

Camera & Waterproof Case

An action camera like a GoPro and a selfie stick may look and feel ridiculous, but the shots they can capture are worth it. Or you might want to throw your phone in a water-resistant case. Just make sure that if you are a guest in someone else’s country that you show respect and caution. Don’t advertise yourself as a target for theft.

Portable Speaker

Finally, you might want to pack a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker to use as you lounge with your friends. Again, make sure to be respectful of the surrounding people. 

So that’s it for the summer beach trip essentials. In the comments section, let me know what you always bring to the beach. It’s so important to protect our skin from sun damage and a trusted sunscreen is the first step to doing that. UV rays are no joke and no tan is worth the price of your health, so make sure to wear your sunscreen.